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How Lawyers Can Get More Leads Online

How Lawyers Can Get More Leads Online

For law firms, getting more customers isn’t as simple as it is for other services and products. Advertising some sort of promotion often just doesn’t get results, because the promotion is not necessarily seen by the people who are seeking the services of a law firm.

While everyone needs to buy food, not everyone needs the services of a good lawyer every single day.

Let’s look at a few simple ways lawyers can find more relevant leads online.

Content Marketing

Do you run a blog on your legal website that is regularly updated with fresh content?

If the answer’s no, then you should do something about it.

Content marketing, targeting relevant keywords that will draw the right traffic to your website, is one of the most effective ways of getting leads. And best of all, organic search engine traffic is FREE!

Providing helpful, industry-specific content will draw readers to your site, where you can then entice them to hire your services.

If you don’t have time to write the content yourself, either get a staff member to write it, or even outsource the writing to a freelancer or SEO firm.

How Lawyers Can Get More Leads Online

Build An Email List

The beauty of an email list is that every single person who has agreed to join has shown a degree of interest in your services. Therefore, when you are seeking new clients and maybe running a promotion, you can simply blast an email out to your list of qualified contacts, likely receiving some positive responses.

PPC and Facebook Ads

In some ways Facebook ads are superior and more effective to paid advertising on Google and Bing. You can create bigger and better ads, and really fine tine that target audience. A PPC or Facebook ad campaign doesn’t have to be super expensive. Once optimized, paid advertising can actually generate good quality leads for low cost, leaving you with a positive ROI.

Join “The Law App”

This is the modern way method of getting new clients and regular work. The Law App is like a freelancer site for lawyers, matching you up with clients who are in need of your expert services. Clients post briefs regarding their particular issue, then qualified lawyers bid on those advertised jobs.

It really is a simple process that’s changing the way lawyers and clients get together. Sign up today and give it a try.