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The Law App was created to give everyone access to the lawyers they want at a price they can afford.

It’s not that we believe that lawyers always charge too much for their services it’s just that we can provide a way for lawyers to reduce their substantial costs and charge out rates by providing a cost effective place to advertise and a way to reduce their running costs so they can pass the savings on to clients.

We also understand that the legal industry prides itself on an ethos of assisting those less financially able where there is a need for equity in legal representation.

So we put the power in both the client’s and the lawyer’s hands. You can set a budget for what you want your lawyer to work to, or you can enter negotiations with lawyers to get the best deal for the problem. So whether you are looking for the best lawyer in the field or the best lawyer you can afford, The Law App Online is the complete legal marketplace to get great value from professionally accredited lawyers.

Prospective clients can rest assured that we have done what’s necessary to make sure the lawyers who provide you with their services are qualified and legally able to represent you in your legal matter. That is our warranty on you.

What Our Client Say About Us!

I've been looking for a fast way to find a good (and cheap) lawyer... this is it! Great idea and excellent experience so far... 10 out of 10

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Nate Carr

Senior Graphic - Web Designer

A brilliant aid to anyone wanting fast, cost-effective legal help without the hassle of a big law firm

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Katie Macquarie

CEO - Founder YAE Fashion