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Family LawFamily Law

Advice and representation for all personal relationship issues regarding children, property and pre-nuptial agreements

Wills, Estates & Trust LawWills, Estates & Trust Law

Advice and representation for all Will, Estate, Probate and Trust Law

Bankruptcy / Taxation LawBankruptcy / Taxation Law

Advice on all personal and business insolvency and bankruptcy issues.

Property / Real EstateProperty / Real Estate

All matters related to land, property and conveyancing.

Criminal LawCriminal Law

All criminal offences according to your State or Territory.

Traffic OffencesTraffic Offences

eg. Traffic Offences

Employment LawEmployment Law

eg. Employment Law

Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

eg. Defending or prosecuting an injury in a private or any public place.

Administrative LawAdministrative Law

eg. Need help with a decision made for or against you by any government body.

Civil LawCivil Law

eg. All Civil matters

Competition & Consumer LawCompetition & Consumer Law

eg. Consumer Law and Competition Law

Commercial LawCommercial Law

eg. The Law of business

Sports & Entertainment LawSports & Entertainment Law

eg. Sports and Entertainment contracts of all types including personal and venue agreements.

Contract LawContract Law

eg. Contract Law on any level whether Oral or Written

Corporate / Partnership lawCorporate / Partnership law

eg. Companies and Partnership legal advice.

Environmental / Planning law / Native TitleEnvironmental / Planning law / Native Title

eg. Environmental / Planning law / Native Title

Immigration / Human Rights / International LawImmigration / Human Rights / International Law

eg. Immigration / Human Rights / International Law

Insurance & Medical / Health LawInsurance & Medical / Health Law

eg. Insurance & Medical / Health Law

Intelectual Property / Information Technology & Internet LawIntelectual Property / Information Technology & Internet Law

eg. Intelectual Property / Information Technology & Internet Law

Professional Negligence & Responsibility LawProfessional Negligence & Responsibility Law

eg. Legal advice and representation when the professionals you use get it wrong.

Workers Compensation / OHS LawWorkers Compensation / OHS Law

eg. Legal advice and representation for all workplace safety and injury issues.


eg. Any other legal matter

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