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Do you have any disputes with any third party regarding the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

Consumer laws and regulations refer to the terms of the customer agreement regardless of the terms of your business. Failure to understand current consumer law may violate your customer's consumer rights. This can lead to unnecessary and costly legal action against your business. It is important to provide accurate information to customers entering into contracts away from your place of business. Failure to do so may give the customer the right to cancel - up to 12 months and 14 days after signing the contract - even if your contractual obligations are fulfilled. Knowing all the intricacies of customer protection can be time consuming and complex. That’s why you should always acquire expert legal knowledge to protect your business against claims for breach of contract.

Some Best COMPETITION CONSUMER Lawyers On Your Budget.

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Charles Noble

map-marker-alt.svg Brisbane QLD, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (2)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

Courtney Lockett

map-marker-alt.svg Toowong QLD, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (1)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

Paul Falzon

map-marker-alt.svg Parramatta NSW, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (7)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

David Heasley

map-marker-alt.svg Croydon VIC, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (10)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

Richard Antill

rating-star.svg 5/5 (6)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

Claire Bibby

map-marker-alt.svg Sydney NSW, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (5)
check-mark.svgVerified as a Lawyer

Jenna du Preez

map-marker-alt.svg Mackay Harbour QLD, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (10)
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Jaak Oks

map-marker-alt.svg North Adelaide SA, Australia
rating-star.svg 5/5 (5)

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Solicitors were present to provide community will services at a time when my husband and I needed to make updates. Because of the great advice given at the time, we also expanded our wills to include treatment instructions - something we didn't know before.



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