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To ensure you have a positive experience with The Law App, it is important that everyone who uses The Law App is responsible and respectful.

See below for The Law App Marketplace Rules. If you require further information, please look at the FAQ , Term & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  1. All matters posted on The Law App must be legal and all lawyers must be legally entitled to act for the client with respect to that matter.
  2. All matters must be remunerated with money (via VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card or EFT) and may not be remunerated in cash equivalents such as gift cards or barter trades.
  3. Cash payments are not accepted by The Law App or the lawyers that work via The Law App.
  4. You must be over the age of 18 to post on The Law App.
  5. Your account is your responsibility – you must maintain control of it and it’s not transferrable.
  6. The Law App account of the lawyer must represent the lawyer completing the job with valid personal details. If the lawyer’s estimated quote is accepted by the potential client, the lawyer is legally responsible for the provision of the agreed services as part of the negotiated agreement. Subcontracting of legal projects is not supported.
  7. Members may only have a single, active account on the platform and any duplicate accounts will be removed if identified.
  8. All of The Law App members and / or users must adhere to our marketplace rules. Failure to comply will result in suspension or deletion from the marketplace.
  9. Users need to ensure that they have provided The Law App with the correct banking and personal details for funds to be transferred into.
  10. Estimated quotes provided by lawyers must be estimate to complete the legal problem posted by the potential client and must be totalled at the time of providing the estimated quote. Should any estimated quote be amended by the lawyer after the legal relationship is established outside The Law App marketplace, prospective clients have recourse through the normal channels under which lawyers in Australia and the particular State or Territory are bound.
  11. Pricing for estimated quotes placed must be final and when an estimated quote is accepted a potential client is not obliged to pay any additional fees within The Law App marketplace.
  12. The Law App is a marketplace for services and not a discussion forum. Comments that are considered off-topic, aimed at influencing other lawyers’ estimated quotes or derogatory towards a potential client or other user of the website will not be supported and may be deleted at any time.
  13. Content with obscenities, used in the context of a personal attack and / or insult will be removed immediately and result in suspension or deletion of user accounts.
  14. Disclosure of private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public area of the website (e.g. Business websites, Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter contact details, personal websites). This includes within comments or attachments.

What you can’t post on The Law App

Please ensure that you carefully read the following list of posts / activities that are not supported on The Law App and may result in your content being removed and / or your account being suspended or deleted.

  1. Any services that are illegal or deemed scams.
  2. Business advertisements or offering of services provided.
  3. Job advertisements (e.g. Part-time/Full-time roles), requests for selling services or requests to be hired for jobs.
  4. Legal problems posted by potential clients or estimated quotes posted by lawyers containing attachments or comments which advertise private contact details, third party services or websites.
  5. Comments / posts that may be considered trolling, derogatory or off topic.
  6. Commission or sales based posts.
  7. Harvesting user contact details, lead generation and / or sign up requests or competitions.
  8. Request for fraudulent reviews or misrepresentations of assessment such as “Leave me a 5 star review on…….”.
  9. Actions, posts or comments that may cause distress or jeopardise other users on the marketplace including any representative of The Law App.
  10. Services that promote hatred or violence against specific groups or people.

Please read The Law App Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in addition to the above rules.


As engagements are agreed between potential clients and a lawyers of their choice, all agreements are final and The Law App is not responsible for refunds for any reason.

If a user feels they may have been the victim of a crime, document what happened and contact the police. If a crime has taken place in relation to a The Law App transaction, provide us with a copy of the police report or guide the authorities to contact us so that we can follow up and take appropriate action.

Personal Conduct

The Law App users are other people from your local community and they may even be someone you already know, so treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and use common sense so that we can all enjoy being part of The Law App community. If you experience any abusive communications sent via The Law App please let us know by emailing us at